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According to state standards and the Common Core Initiative, students who are "college ready" demonstrate independent thought, build strong content knowledge, and know how to respond to the varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline. They comprehend as well as critique; value evidence, know how to use technology and digital media strategically and capably, and they value and understand other perspectives and cultures.

IWT can help teachers explore these college ready ‘lit­eracies’ and then pre­view what their implementation can look like using IWT writing-based teaching strategies. One to three day workshops are grounded in hands-on activities to support learning across liter­ary, cultural, historical and STEM subjects.

Customized workshops introduce methods that help students:
  • discover and interpret meaning
  • engage in productive dialogue
  • learn critical thinking skills
  • develop academic writing    
  • experience the value of collaborative learning
  • and become reflective learners who appreciate multiple perspectives and value the role of both persistence and failure in the learning process
Our goal is to help teachers meet standards while also recognizing the individual needs of students and remaining grounded in their own creative authority in the classroom.
See our current and archived workshops for examples of workshops that can be brought to your school, institution, or district either individually or as a graduated sequence. 

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