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Analysis of PD research has led the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching and the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality to define a new paradigm for professional development—one that favors sustained, coherent and intense professional development. Research has demonstrated that PD plans that include modeling and coaching show greater positive effects on student outcomes, and demonstrate successful transfer of new teaching skills into the classroom.
IWT can help schools and districts identify specific areas of need and then build a professional development program that targets those areas, while fostering a school-wide culture of learning and support. Programs might include workshops on using writing to deepen student learning across all subject areas, exploring and understanding Common Core standards in relation to assignments and classroom activities, assessment, the teaching of academic writing, plus a variety of other innovative and creative methods that use IWT writing-based teaching strategies. IWT’s writing-to-learn practices emphasize close readings of challenging texts, critical analysis, independent thought, and the development of both writing and speaking skills.

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Wow! I’ve learned so much about writing and learning. I have a better understanding of how to weave writing throughout a lesson. I feel I have a deeper understanding of literacy and the implication for developing critical thinking through collaboration. Free Writing, Focused Free Writing, Process Writing, Dialectical notebooks, and Text rendering will be a good place to start.

—participant, Steve Garvey Junior HS, Lindsay Unified School District, CA